Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's been a while..

So, it's been a couple years since I posted on here. So much has happened in my life in those two years. I don't even know where to begin..

Since my last post I have graduated from college, moved back home to Eugene (well I guess technically Springfield now), was a high school leader at First B for 2 years, and am now officially switching churches and just started a bible summer program through that church :) I am also currently a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at a day care, but I am looking for better work and may have an interview next week! Pray for me please!!

As far as my family goes...I am living in Springfield with my sister Linda, and a friend of ours. My brothers are growing up so fast! I can't believe it! Seth is almost 12, and will soon be taller than me I'm sure. Ethan will be 10 later this year, and still seems so young to me, but he is growing up so fast as well! Hannah just turned 5! I remember so clearly the day she was born, it seems like yesterday. She is getting so smart, and will be starting kindergarten school work soon. Abby is almost 4, which is just crazy. She still seems like the little baby to me. She is so turning into such a beautiful little girl and has a mind of her own, and very selective hearing ;) Madison is 2 1/2. She recently started fully walking on her own! I think I cried when I first saw a video of her walking without fear or help from an adult. I have seen her walk in person a few times, and it still amazes me. I praise God so much for Maddie's ability to walk and the joy she has in doing so! I feel so blessed to have all of my siblings so close around me. I miss the younger ones a lot and try to visit them often, though it's hard to find the time to go out to Elmira.

I wish I was more of the journaling type. I hope I can update this more often. I have it book marked now! haha.

Hoping to write more soon!

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